Nida Plateau – Kamares Cave

For this walk we drive towards the NIDA PLATEAU at 1450 meters. The path starts at the POROS TIS MILIAS which is also the northern side of the VORIZIA GORGE. This path, leading up to KAMARES CAVE is well maintained and leads us along stone shelters used by local shepherds and high region forests while the view becomes more impressive step by step. Once we reach the cave we can see the entire MESSARA PLAIN, the SOUTH COAST OF HERAKLION PREFECTURE and the VORIZIA GORGE from an altitude of 1780 meters! After descending back to the NIDA PLATEAU, we will visit the famous IDAION ANDRON CAVE, where according to the Greek Mythology, the OLYMPIAN GOD ZEUS grew up.

  • 10 Km
  • 4 h
  • 07:00
  • 17:00

This day starts with a drive through the region MYLOPOTAMOS and one of the highest village of Crete, ANOGEIA, to reach the NIDA PLATEAU at 1450 meters. This plateau is the place where the Goddess DEMETER fell in love with the human JASON and where ZEUS was born. Our walk starts at the POROS (PASSAGE)TIS MILIAS at the souhtern side of the high plain, which is the north exit of the VORIZIA GORGE. We will soon pass some springs and some typical stone-built shepherds’ shelters, called MITATO. Upon moving further towards the south we can see the entire MESSARA PLAIN and the coast near MATALA. Some parts of the walk are in the shade of oak trees which allows us to sit down and have short break to enjoy the view, a snack and a rest. After that we reach the KAMARES CAVE at 1700 meters where the famous ‘Eggshell Pottery’ (part of the permanent exhibition in the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion) was found. This pottery dates back to MINOAN CULTURE and is incredibly thin and finely made, the items are believed to have been offerings to the Goddess of Childbirth EILEITHYIA, who was worshipped in this cave. After exploring the cave we will start our descent during which we can have a picnic break. Once back on the NIDA PLATEAU we will pay a visit to the IDAION ANDRON CAVE where the Ancient Greek HIGH GOD ZEUS was born.