Mount Gigilos

MOUNT GIGILOS is situated on the western side of the famous SAMARIA GORGE and is dominating the landscape around the OMALOS PLATEAU with its impressive summit of 2080 meters. The path that leads up starts just at the opposite of the entrance of the SAMARIA GORGE and takes us along rugged scenery and impressive rock formations. Once we reach the peak we will be rewarded with a breathtaking view over the entire SAMARIA GORGE, the OMALOS PLATEAU and the range of the WHITE MOUNTAINS.

  • 9 Km
  • 4-5 h
  • 07:00
  • 19:00

Mount GIGILOS is one of the most impressive formations on Crete, its name originally meant ‘great concentration of rocks’. To reach our starting point we drive through the region to the north of the WHITE MOUNTAINS which is very lush and rich in citrus and sweet chestnut trees. Upon arriving on the OMALOS PLATEAU at 1100 meters we can have a short break to enjoy the view and possibly a snack. From here we can see the entrance of the famous SAMARIA GORGE and then we turn towards our path that takes us to higher regions. The trail to the spring of LINOSELI takes about one hour and gives us a beautiful frontal view of GIGILOS. At the spring we can have a small stop to enjoy the fresh water. After we continue we will see the pass of the TRIPITI GORGE and catch the first glimpse of the LIBYAN SEA and GAVDOS ISLAND before we start our final ascend to ‘conquer’ the summit. This part is dominated by rocks and requires some minor climbing to reach the top where you will enjoy the stunning view of both the LIBYAN and the AEGEAN SEA, the WHITE MOUNTAINS, GAVDOS ISLAND and the OMALOS PLATEAU. Even the entire SAMARIA GORGE will be at your feet. After a well deserved picnic at this wonderful summit we will descend again towards the OMALOS PLATEAU where we can decide to spend some time to relax and enjoy a ‘recovery meal.