Our goal in Cretatrekking is to offer high quality service for trekking and historical excursions. We want to help you discover the nature and history of Crete while climbing mountains, following old paths through traditional villages and visiting historical places and the sites of battles of both local and international importance.
We combine local origin and knowledge of the island with many years of experience in international mountaineering and trekking to ensure unforgettable moments and trips on Crete.
To also ensure your safety, we have first aid certificates and are always up to date with the latest knowledge on how to face emergencies during our excursions.

Mount Gigilos

Pachnes – White Mountains

Mount Ida – Psiloritis


Nida Plateau – Kamares Cave

Anopoli – Loutro Aradena Gorge

meet Michalis

meet Michalis

After living most of my life in the big city of Athens, at some point I realized that there is nothing like being in touch with nature. So I decided to move to the birthplace of my parents: a traditional village near the north coast of Crete. Here I started to make my dream come true, to make a living by doing what I love the most. This is climbing mountains, exploring and walking trails and sharing my knowledge and passion for Crete and its history and culture with other people

• 5 times Olympus Marathon (44km).
• Virgin forest trail(111km).
• Ultra Trail Mont Blanc(166km).
• Kilimanjaro Uhru Peak 5895m high.
• Mountaineering school certificate.
• Certified Emergency Responder.